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Please note that our company, Square Mile Financial Services Limited, is NOT IN ANY WAY involved in the offering of pension and / or investment services to individuals!
We do not employ any agents, affiliates and are not part of a wider group of companies.

No strings attached, on-the-house initial consultation

As we fully appreciate that our clients have the available option to take their custom to a wide range of available financial consultants in what can be a highly aggressive industry as a whole, we have structured our fees in such a way, so as to remain extremely competitive.

However, prior to initiating any billing process, we have come to realize that it is in both ours and our clients’ best interest to offer a completely free-of-charge introductory meeting, in order to ensure that both parties successfully lay the ground work for a successful collaboration. We prefer to hold such meetings in person, so that we can better determine how our expertise can be effectively applied; however this may also be achieved by other means, such as via video-conference, should the client so request. We do however encourage any prospective clients to provide us with any applicable and relevant literature before such meetings, so that we can help them get the most of what would otherwise be limited to a meet-and-greet event.

We realize that same of our competitors may seek to charge for any similar initial discussions, but this we believe that any business relationship has to be built on trust rather than an opportunistic mentality. Our established track record provides us with sufficient confidence to demonstrate to our clients that we can help them achieve their goals in a pragmatic way with meaningful and tangible results.


Our associates/partnered firms

Throughout the lifecycle of our relationship with our clients, we have come to rely on third party service providers, which form part of our extensive network of professional contacts.

These affiliated specialists include IP/patent attorneys, lawyers, accountants, financiers and niche industry specialists. While it is uncommon for a consulting firm to not act as the exclusive business liaison for its clients, we believe that by offering our clients with the opportunity to take advantage of our tried and tested key specialists in areas peripheral to finance, can only enhance the chances of success for any endeavor and ultimately serves as further proof of our market standing within the industry.

Success across specialized sectors gained through years of experience

Square Mile has established a successful track record across three specific industries, namely the Leisure/Tourism, Shipping and Regulatory Compliance. While we do not believe that our expertise is necessarily limited just to these sectors, we have come to reap the benefits from plying our trade in a more focused area, rather than as generalists. Our team has hands-on experience in all three industries and while we remain open to new challenges, the years already spent by our team “in the trenches” of these financial sectors help position Square Mile head and shoulders above our competition.

As a brief outline our first two areas of expertise, we believe that capital intensive industries such as the Hotel/Leisure and Shipping respectively, will always remain relevant in a global context, regardless of the prevailing economic environment and thus opportunities for our clients to expand and overcome any cyclical downturns can be utilized when properly advised.

On the other hand, increased regulatory compliance is a prevailing market trend within Finance, having become a dominant aspect in all of the day-to-day services individuals and corporates routinely use when dealing with money. It is absolutely imperative for all business owners to continuously remain up-to-date with the intricacies and ramifications of this ever changing industry, to the point where some of our clients, such as investment managers/funds, would b forced to devote the majority of their workload to effectively manage this process, where it not for their collaboration with our company, during which we have helped them manage this process in a more effective and efficient manner.