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Please note that our company, Square Mile Financial Services Limited, is NOT IN ANY WAY involved in the offering of pension and / or investment services to individuals!
We do not employ any agents, affiliates and are not part of a wider group of companies.

At Square Mile, we always stand ready to offer our clients with innovative, problem solving services which enables them to overcome any operational obstacle on the path to fully utilizing their entrepreneurial potential. As a generic list of the services we are typically called upon to provide, our company may be tasked with performing the following duties:

Consulting services for corporates (SMEs/blue chips)

  • Act as intermediary between our clients and existing debt providers
  • Facilitate introduction to international credit/financial institutions
  • Negotiate financial restructuring for existing debt facilities
  • Draft sustainability reports
  • Prepare corporate business plans required for consideration of EU/local government grants
  • Help our clients re-organise their internal corporate structure
  • Company valuation (DCF/multiples etc)
  • Help manage the process of internal/external shareholding changes
  • Analyse costs and ROI for specific projects/investments
  • Calculate the added intrinsic value of potential mergers/acquisitions


Consulting services for Asset Management/Investment firms

  • Review applicable regulatory requirements (EMIR/MiFID etc) and how these may relate to each respective client
  • Assist in the hiring/selection of competent compliance officers
  • Assess new client on-boarding process
  • Highlight any potential risk issues in terms of KYC/AML
  • Advise on internal payments procedures
  • Promote awareness of staff via seminars
  • Advise on regulatory risk for one-off or generic type of transactions
  • Act as liaison with customers during any regulatory-driven “change management” phase
  • Advise during discussions with regulatory authorities
  • Consult with third party service providers to accommodate any compliance requirements imposed by them on our clients in order to allow business relationships (and income generation) to develop

Regardless of the type of company you are running and which type of our services better suit your own individual and corporate needs, Square Mile is dedicated to ensuring that our clients achieve the best possible outcome in any dealings our own firm is involved in – because after all, our clients remain our best marketing ambassadors.